Charles on the Lake01


Ronnie Simpson from STPG stopped by the studios this morning. We talked about the Trace and how you can vote to win a Rails to Trails contest. Find out more in the interview below. Or go vote for St Tammany HERE. 



St Tammany Parish


We also got a visit in with Mayor Donald Villere from Mandeville. You can hear that interview below.



Lake Loot


Q: 1/3 of households in America had one of these in 1990. What?
A: Nintendo

Winner: No winner!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: About 1 in 5 Americans have one of these. This stat was not even half that twenty years ago. What is it?

A: A second job

Winner: Jona Bowdin from Covington!


Q: According to a new poll, you should never use more than 3 of these at a time.

A: Emojis

Winner: Jessie Ogden from Lacombe!


Q: You are going to gift 3 people three different gifts. They are a coconut, a sombrero and a Frisbee. Actually, as gifts, they all have THIS in common. What is it?

A: You can send these gifts through the US Postal Service without a box.

Winner: Jamie Smith from Bush!


Q: About 19,000 Americans are in this right now. What is it?

A: They are in the Witness Protection Program

Winner: Tracy Leatherman from Slidell!

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