Charles on the Lake01


Congrats to our WHERE Y’AT winner this morning… Renee Joyner from Mandeville!


Today we had Father Frank from St Anselm in to talk about their Jewel of Madisonville this weekend at the Castine Center. It should be a lot of fun! Find out more in the interview below!



St A


Lake Loot


Q: According to this survey THIS is the #1 compliment that a woman wants to hear. What is it?

A: You have a nice smile.

Winner: Tim Moray from Pearl River!

7:15 Kid’s Loot

Q: A survey asked people to name the best-ever board game.  The number one was Monopoly – what was the second?

A: Clue

Winner: Katie Core from Hammond!


Q: About half of us have put this on our head at one point but some of us might not want to admit it. What is it?

A: Mickey Mouse ears

Winner: Cameron Meaux from Mandeville!


This is the most borrowed item at the workplace. What?

Answer: Scissors

Winner: Kim Stevens from Pearl River!


Q: A guy had 30 raccoons and 20 ate chickens. How many did not?

A: 10 (did not eat chickens)

Winner: Michelle Taylor from Abita!

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