Charles on the Lake01


Congrats to Warren Dickerson from Mandeville for calling in when we said Where Y’AT today. Make sure you sign up so you have a chance to win!!!


Today we had Carla and Andrea back to talk about the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.  Find out more about it in the interview below.






Q: This sporting good traditionally outsells baseballs, basketballs and footballs combined. What is it?

A: Frisbees!

Winner: Samantha Romero from Slidell!

7:15 Loot

Q: Women are 4 times more likely to commit this crime than men are.  What?

A: Shoplifting!

Winner: Elisa Blackwell from Mandeville!


Q: 1 in 8 people who say they are unhappy with their homes say it’s because of THIS: What?

A: The neighbors

Winner: Colleen Theriault from Metry!


Q: If you’re average, you’ll stare at this for 36 hours this year.  What?

A: The inside of the refrigerator!

Winner: Jenny Dexter from Slidell!


Q: According to research, dieters say this is the hardest food to give up.  What?

A: Cheese!

Winner: Lauren Cloutet from Slidell!

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