Charles on the Lake01


Our Where Y’at this morning went out to Anne Hardee from Covington and she called right away! Thanks for hanging out with us Anne!


Today we had Karen, Ashleigh and Tanya here talking up this weekend’s Cruising for a Cause. Connect with them on FB HERE!!!  Or listen to the interview below…





Lake Loot


Q: It depends how many people work there but the average workplace has 50 of these. What?

A: Coffee mugs!

Winner: Diedre Hymel from Covington!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Extra keys, rubberbands, and these are the top 3 items people keep in their junk drawer?

A: Birthday candles!

Winner: Kayla Depper in Covington!


Q: About 10 million people a year are willing to pay a premium for this improvement to their motor vehicle add on. What?

Answer: Vanity plates!

Winner: Ellie Lomzenski from Abita!


Q: For years now Americans have put THIS at the top or near the top of the most annoying word or phrase list. What is it?


Winner: Gracie Frey from Sun!


Q: The better looking you are, the more THIS will happen to you. What?

A: The more you get lied to!

Winner: Tyler Desposito from Mandeville!

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