Charles on the Lake01


Today was BUSY! We had Red Beans, Praying for Peacemakers and Prenatal Nutrition.


Charlotte and Kris came in to talk about the West St Tammany Red Beans ‘N Rice Cookoff this Monday. We’ll be broadcasting from there Monday morning. See ya there!





It was good to meet Carrie and EJ with Praying for our Peacemakers, which is tomorrow night. Learn more in the interview below.





And we had a great talk with Jeannine and Amanda from STPH about prenatal nutrition classes they are offering. Hear about them below.







Q: A new survey says that the average person does this 32 times a year but we don’t think we do. What is it?

A: Break the law

Winner: Rachel Brooks from Slidell!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Almost half of us do this when we talk on the phone. What?

A: Change their voice

Winner: Maureen Kloor from Ponchy!


Q: A majority of people say this relationship lasts just over 8 years. What is it?

A: Their hairstylist

Winner: Ashely Eskine and Jackson Beck!


Q: Men with one of these earn, on average, about 20% more than men without one.  What?

A: A wife!

Winner: Dominique Cuff from Mandeville!


Q: One third of women and over half of men will lie about this if asked about it. What?

A: Their height!

Winner: Gina Percy from Covington!

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