Charles on the Lake01


Today we had Lacy and Maria representing the St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce. Maria spoke about the value of being a chamber member. Lacy spoke about some of the events coming up and more. You can hear them below.




lacy pic



Mayor Mike Cooper came by, too. He updated us on local traffic projects, events, and some work being done in the park. Find out more in the interview below.




Lake Loot


Q: This is something almost half of women will do when getting ready to go out and almost no guys do it. What is it?

A: Check out their rear in the mirror

Winner: Lisa Desmond from Slidell!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: People are three times as likely to do this on a nice and sunny day. What is it?

A: Smile

Winner: Trey Songy from Lacombe!


Q: Statistically you’ve got the best chance of doing THIS in January and you are least likely to do it in August. What?

A: Die

Winner: Jillian Smith from Mandeville!


Q: The average person keeps these for 6 years before getting rid of them. What?

A: A pair of jeans!

Winner: Jennifer Dumas from Slidell!


Q: Men account for about 75% of this product’s consumption. Name the food…

A: Potato Chips!

Winner: Dawn Rivera from Pearl River!

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