It was Loot Online on Facebook… #Irememberwhenyouhadto… Mine was… shout I’M ON THE PHONE when someone picked up another one in the house… (My kids did not understand that!) What was yours??? Take a look at our Top 10 responses and check out the two winners at the bottom…


Number 10

Lesley Knowles Amacker Get off the phone to use the Internet

Number 9

Keri Skeins When you had to drop your film off to be developed. No instant gratification or retakes!

Number 8

Sheree Bourgeois Knauth When you had to rewind the VCR tape to return to rental store.

Number 7

Katie Esneault Burmaster Find a pay phone to call someone when your pager went off

Number 6

Angela N Josh Krieger When you had to sit by the radio waiting on your favorite songs and press Record for your cassette tapes. Loved my mixed tapes ğŸ˜ŠğŸŽ¶

Number 5

Kimberly Hewitt Darr Sit in the back of the station wagon with no seat belts😳😳

Number 4

Lora Leblanc Play video games with a controller that had a joystick (what?!) And one button.

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Number 3

Kasey Landes Wall Crank the window in the car – up and down 😳

Number 2 and Lake Loot Winner!!!

Jennifer Roth Out run all the family to answer the door first because the doorbell rang and people enjoyed company randomly showing up unannounced.
Nowadays, people hide when the doorbell rings, lol.

Number 1 and Lake Loot Winner!!!!

Margaret Dias French Remember when you had to wind up the tape on your cassette’s after they got stuck in the cassette player!!

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