Charles on the Lake01


Today DA Warren Montgomery stopped in for his monthly visit. He talked about his staff, some of their recent successes and more. You can hear him below.






And we talked Healing Arts with Amanda Paxton at STPH. Find out more in the interview below.






Lake Loot


Q: The average American consumes two bottles of this each year.  What?

A: Ketchup!

Winners: Debbie Wickham from Bush!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: If you fully write out the items on your grocery list instead of abbreviating, this is the item misspelled most often. What is it?

A: Mayonnaise!

Winner: Drew Ganasheau from Covington!


Q: Are you feeling yucky today? It could be because of this thing that we touch every day that has about 280 different types of bacteria on it. What is it?

A: Your steering wheel!

Winner: Katie Prinz from Slidell!


Q: This popular candy bar was named after a horse. Which one?

A: Snickers!

Winner: Melinda Breeland from Madisonville!


Q: There are more than 65 new varieties of this product released every year. Most don’t last. What are they?

A: Kinds of toothpaste!

Winner: Alaina Silva from Hammond!

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