Charles on the Lake01


Today we had Michelle here to talk about CAGNO and their event, Viva la Cure. Find out more in the interview below.





We also had our Medical Monday with Slidell Memorial Hospital and Ochsner  for their smoking cessation program. Mickie Lasage told us all about it. Learn more in the interview below.



Movie 1 002



Lake Loot


Q: On average you’ll visit this place just over 15 times this year, where is it?

A: The Post Office!

Winner: No Winner!

7:15 Kids Loot

Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll use about 275 of these. What?

A: Tubes of toothpaste!

Winner: Caroline Morrison from Mandeville!


Q: About 1/4th of North American families will have this as part of their dinner tonight. What?

A: Salad!

Winner: Leona Ratcliff from Covington!


Q: 50% of men do THIS every weekend. What?

A: Go to the hardware store!

Winner: Rob Imbornone from Slidell!


Q: One out of five meals served in restaurants today in America will have this in common. What?

A: They will come with French fries!

Winner: Hailey Acquistapace from Covington!



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