Charles on the Lake01



Today the two participants in a big upcoming “dance off” stopped by to talk about their moves. Of course Tim Lentz and Gerald Sticker are doing this to support the West St Tammany Exchange Club at their Ultimate Tailgate Party. Get your tickets HERE. 



two c


Go “like” our Facebook page and see the great eclipse pics from yesterday HERE. 


Lake Loot


Q: The avg. person misplaces up to 9 items every day. #1 is your phone. What are #2 and #3?

A: Keys was #2, Sunglasses #3

Winner: Jennifer Cardinal from Mandeville!

7:15 Lids Loot

Q: During the Nixon presidency, this popular US product became the first foreign consumer product to be sold in the Soviet Union. What was it?

A: Pepsi!

Winner: Silas Stamps from Slidell!


Q: You probably have about 15 of these in your home. What?

A: Cookbooks!

Winner: No Winner!


Q: During their lifetime, the average person buys 7 of these. What?

A: washing machines.

Winner: Marnie Ripp from Pearl River!


Q: 2,000 adults were asked about what they dread most when it comes to their kids going back to school. What was at the top of the list?

A: Worrying about bullying and cyberbullying

Winner: Ashley Clark from Albany!

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