The General Managers of Franco’s, Pelican and Stonecreek delivered new PE equipment donations to Covington Elementary yesterday. A few weeks ago we sat down with these guys to talk about what they were planning. There are some pics below. You can hear the interview with these three men HERE.



The three largest health clubs on the Northshore have joined forces to help local children get fit and have fun this school year.  Stone Creek Club & Spa in Covington, Franco’s Athletic Club in Mandeville and Pelican Athletic Club, also in Mandeville, have come together to purchase much-needed physical education equipment for schools throughout West St. Tammany Parish. The purchased equipment, which includes jump ropes, hula hoops, exercise bands, agility cones, ladders and more, is valued at nearly $10,000.

Just in time for the start of the school year, the three clubs will be delivering the Physical Education equipment to elementary schools in Abita, Covington, Folsom, Madisonville and Mandeville – 25 schools in all (18 public and 7 private). The clubs’ General Managers will personally deliver equipment to several of the schools, including Covington Elementary, on the morning of Thursday, August 24th. “In our industry, we’re always looking for ways to introduce people to the benefits of exercise,” Stone Creek General Manager Larry Conner said. “What better way than to introduce healthy habits to children at an early age. If exercise equals fun to kids when they’re young, then they’ve got the foundation for a lifetime of healthy, active living.”

Franco’s Athletic Club Co-founder Sandy Franco said that she and her team were thrilled to combine their efforts with fellow health clubs to help the children of St. Tammany. “After thirty years of working to build a strong and healthy community, we are always looking for new ways to do more and to have a bigger impact. Coordinating our efforts offers just this type of opportunity. We are all working for the same cause, and we can do more when we do it together.”

Fred Klinge, Pelican Athletic Club’s General Manager, emphasized the many benefits that can come to children who enjoy exercise. “Staying fit can help children improve self-esteem, contribute to better academic performance, and decrease the risk of serious disease later in life,” Klinge said.  “The Pelican Athletic Club is proud to join Franco’s Athletic Club and Stone Creek in providing support to our local schools and their physical education initiatives.”

Power Systems, a leading fitness equipment provider, was eager to assist the clubs in their efforts. The company provided discounts and extras in an effort to maximize the value of the donation.

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