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Ronnie Simpson stopped in with some weather related updates today. The St Tammany Humane Society is gearing up to support pets displaced by flooding. And the Milkshakers have an event coming up to help out Miracle League.


STPG has a Google Map up with any local roads closed by high water. Hear about it in the interview below or go to their website to see it. 



Susie was here from the St Tammany Humane Society. They are opening a warehouse to collect pet supplies for those involved with the flooding. The info is below.



Texas Donations Needed


And the Mande Milkshakers are having an event to help out Miracle League NS. The info is below…







Lake Loot


Q: The average person will do THIS about 2 million times in a lifetime.

A: Swears

Winner: Amy Ridgedell from Hammond!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Almost all of these in the world are in the United States. What are they?

A: Tornadoes

Winner: Jayden Carter from Covington!


Q: About 25% of us have one of these in our home and even though we can fix it, we don’t. What is it?

A: A room we cannot use because of clutter

Winner: No winner!


Q: This is true for a third of all men when they go to the grocery store. Not so much for women.

A: They do not use a list when they go to the grocery store

Winner: Kirstin Oshaughnessy from Slidell!


Q: Yeah, you buy them, but once purchased, 1 in 5 of these are never used. What?

A: Postage stamps!

Winner: Scott Kelly from Mandeville!

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