Charles on the Lake01


Today’s guest was Lynette from STOPS. They have an event coming up September 16th called One Step at a Time. This 5k run/walk is a great community event and raises money for something very important here on the NS. Find out more on their website. 




Lake Loot


Q: One of these has 3 times as much air pressure as the tires on your car. What is it?

A: A bottle of Champagne!

Winner: Sheridan Bell from Slidell!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: The average American eats here 32 times per year. Where?

A: In the car!

Winner: Katherine Calamari from Slidell!


Q: Of non-food grocery store items sold, toilet paper is bought the most…what is second?

A: Batteries!

Winner: Jennifer Fredericks from Covington!


Q: This is the 3rd most played song in American history behind Happy Birthday and the Star Spangled Banner, what is it?

A: Take Me Out To The Ballgame!



Q: 7 in 10 of us agree THIS is the biggest waste of money we encounter on a regular basis. What are we wasting money on?

A: ATM Fees!

Winner: No Winner!

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