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Today we had a talk with Lauren Buggs from Chevron who wanted to promote Hoops for Kids. The event is this Saturday from 9 until 3 in Covington. Find out more or sign up your team HERE. 




We also spoke with Margaret about the Greg Zelden Foundation. This is what they said about it…


To honor Greg’s amazing life and create a legacy that would make him very happy, his family and dear friends have created the Greg Zelden Foundation Fund. The formal mission of the fund is to create and promote efforts to enhance access to medical support for amateur athletes in the Northshore Region through education and outreach. What that really means is scholarships to increase the number of trained professionals available on the sidelines in the future. It is our goal to raise $100,000 to ensure availability of the scholarship for many years to come.






And Jeff was here from the St Tammany West Habitat for Humanity. He brought along two folks who help Habitat a bunch, Eddie Swan and Chad Lockfield. Find out more about their Building on Faith effort in the interview below.




hab pic


Lake Loot


Q: Abe Lincoln was the first President to have one of these in the White House. What?

A: A Cat!

Winner: Taylor Wolfe from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: About half of our kids have one of these and a majority of them don’t like it. What?

A: A Nickname!



Q: This profession says the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is always one of their busiest. What profession?

A: Private Investigators!

Winner: Cecily Midkiss from Covington!


Q: This Magazine became the first to sell a Billion Copies in 1 year. What Magazine was it?

A: TV Guide!

Winner: Carolyn Duke from Pearl River!


Q: From the 50’s to the 70’s, sales of these grew by about 1,000%.  What are they?

A: Guitars!

Winner: No Winner!

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