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Today we had Chief Kaufmann and Alex Corollo in to speak about Slidell’s Patriot Day Concert. It is Monday at 6 at Slidell’s Municipal Auditorium. Find out more in the interview below.



Here’s what the City of Slidell said about it…

Slidell Mayor Freddy Drennan, the Slidell City Council, Police Chief E. J. Howard and the 9/11 Memorial Committee invite you to attend the City of Slidell’s Patriot Day Ceremony honoring all first responders and military on Sunday, September 11, 2016, at the Slidell Municipal Auditorium.




Ronnie Simpson was here from St Tammany Parish Government. He talked about the parish’s effort to clean up our local waterways and more. His interview is below.



St Tammany Parish


And we spoke with Mayor Villere from the City of Mandeville. They have some big musical happenings going on for the next few weeks. Find out more in the interview below.







Q: The average high school student does this 6 times a day. What is it?

A: Complain

Winner: Josie Ciuffi from Slidell!

7:10 Kid’s Loot

Q: Long, long, long before Harry Potter, this book written in 1865 was the most widely read English-language work for children. What is it?

A: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Winner: Emma Bolling from Covington!


Q: 2 out of 5 people always do THIS in a public bathroom and it has nothing to do with their phone. What is it?

A: Flush the toilet with their foot or elbow

Winner: Laura Iglesias from Bogalusa!


A recent survey found that around 17% of us have one of these are work but not at home. What is it?

A: A candy dish

Winner: Janet Bray from Covington!


Q: 7 out of 10 people agree that a man should never wear THIS. BUT, guys think women should wear this whenever they want. What is it?

A: Short Shorts

Winner: Ginger Erp from Mandeville!


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