Charles on the Lake01


Today Kathy was here from Hospice Foundation of the South. Northshore on Tap is this weekend at the Harbor Center. Find out more in the interview below!




ns on tap


Lake Loot


Q: This is the number 1 item we’re most likely to buy the wrong size of. What?

A: Gloves!

Winner: Jessica Adubato from Madisonville!

Kids Loot

Q: 75% of these are eaten at breakfast time. What are they?

A: Raisins!

Winner: Danielle Thompson from Bush!


Q: According to the FBI, about 3 out of 4 of these are fake. What?

A: Autographs!

Winner: Gloria Mascari from Mandeville!


Q: These have almost 40 times more germs than a public toilet seat!


A: Elevator buttons!

Winner: Alex Soletske from Covington and Margo Mitchell from NOLA!


Q: People that cheat on their diets are most likely to do it with this food. What?

A: Donuts!

Winner: Holli Howard from Mandeville!

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