Charles on the Lake01


Today started with Amanda and Daniel from STPH. Daniel talked about grief programs and explained some of the work their do with veterans. Hear more in the interview below.





Larry Rolling came by to tell us about a workshop called The Changing Workplace. It is a free event and will be held next week. Find out more in the interview below.





Lake Loot


Q: Experts say this item should be washed at least every other day although it rarely is. What is it?

A: Your pillow case

Winner: Faith Baker from Slidell!

Kids Loot

Q: The #1 thing you can do to save the planet is….what?

A: Not have kids

Winner: Brianna Deckleman from Slidell!


Q: There are more fake versions of THESE in the world than real ones. What is it?

A: Flamingos

Winner: Hunter Rollins from Covington!


Q: When we go grocery shopping, more than a third of us do this.

A: Use reusable bags

Winner: Victoria Colgan from Slidell!


Q: 2 out of 5 adult Americans have this in their bed at night. What?

A: A stuffed animal

Winner: Mark Sacco from Covington!

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