Charles on the Lake01


Today we had Randy in from Heritage Bank. They have a slew of events coming up including their First Responder Appreciation Lunch on October 24th. Find out more in the interview below.







And we met Peter DeJohn from Food 448. He brought by cheesecake that was awesome and you can get it at Acquistapace’s. Find out more about them HERE. 





Lake Loot


Q: What’s predicted to be the most popular costume for pets this year?

A: Pumpkin

Winner: Sheridan Bell from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Approximately 22,000 kids are injured in their own bedroom each year by this.

A: Bunk beds

Winner: Seth & Shay Gardner from Madisonville!


Q: 1 in 4 women have this from a restaurant in their purse right now. What is it?

A: A mint

Winner: Diane Hilton from Metry!


Q: What may have been the very first “Reality” TV show debuted in 1948. What was it?

A: Candid Camera!

Winner: Mary Meehan from Mandeville!


Q: It was once pretty common, but thanks to technology, you don’t hear about this much anymore. What?

A: A busy signal!

Winner: Christina Dolese from Kenner!

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