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Today we had Amanda and Melanie in the studios to talk Monster Mash. They brought some tickets to give away on the air. Hear them below and BELOW that hear Mark Bordelon singing Monster Mash for his tix. Way to go Mark!




stph pic


We also spoke with Jay Adair who is a candidate for a judge race this weekend. Find out all about Jay in the interview below.




jay a


And out own Sarah Cottrell was here from our EDGE of the LAKE Magazine.  We have some great local stories in this issue so check it out today!



edge logo


Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 5 adults start working on this right about now. What is it?

A: Our Halloween costume

Winner: Brie Boogle from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: THIS person is the celebrity most people said they would most like to share a piece of pizza with. Who is it?

A: The Rock

Winner: Deborah Provins from Slidell!


Q: Worldwide THIS is the most popular food item to post a picture of on social media.

A: Shrimp.

Winner: Carrie Meyers from Slidell!


Q: Rocky weighs 136 pounds plus one-third of his weight. How much does he weigh?

A: 204 pounds

Winner: Kevin Hazard from Slidell!


Q: Can you name any common word with a double U?

A: Vacuum

Winner: Lindy Lousteau from Covington!

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