Charles on the Lake01


Winners from our Halloween Picture Contest

(DM us an address on FB if your pic is here)


Scariest family pic…

scary photo


Cutest pic…

Cute photo

Coolest pic

fam photo


And best overall pic!!!

Winning pic



Today we had Eddie and Chad in the studio to talk about their Building on Faith event with Habitat for Humanity St Tammany West. It will be November 18th and they are looking for more churches and individuals to get involved. Find out more below.






And we got to chat with Tara Brewer about her Color Run which is coming up this weekend in Slidell. You can register HERE. 




dance 2


Lake Loot


Q: You reach your peak in ability to THIS in your mid 30’s. What is it?

A: The ability to spell

Winner: Stephanie Schmidt from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: More Americans spend this holiday with their families than any other.

A: Fourth of July

Winner: Ben Bermudez from Mandeville!


Q: Name the product or service has seen the biggest drop in price over the last 100 years?

A: Long distance phone calls!

Winner: No Winner!


Q: What is the #1 lie told in the workplace?

A: He/She is in a meeting!

Winner: Maggie Kelly from Mandeville!


Q: Who became the first licensed lunch box character back in 1935?

A: Mickey Mouse!

Winner: David Anderson from Pearl River!

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