Charles on the Lake01


Today we had fun with Noble from Miracle League and Amy and Lisa from the Children’s Museum of St Tammany.

Noble was here to promote their Radio-thon, which is being held on the Lake 94.7 a week from today. We are asking our listeners to call in on that day and support the Miracle League NS. And if you don’t know about what they do listen on Tuesday the 14th to hear some of their inspiring stories.





And we spoke to The Children’s Museum of St Tammany’s Amy and Lisa about STEM QUEST, which is this weekend. Head out to Koop Drive with the kids for all kinds of neat things between 10 and 1 on Saturday.







Lake Loot


Q: This is the most profitable food item sold in America. What is it?

A: Pet Food

Winner: Corinne David from Madisonville!

7:10 Kids Only Loot

Q: 3 out of 5 of us do this more often once it starts getting dark earlier. What?

A: Watch more TV!

Winner: Olivia Christopher from Mandeville!


Q: In the mid 90s there were almost 3 million of these but today there are less than 500,000.  What?

A: Pay phones!

Winner: Bill Vasquez from Mandeville!


Q: 2/3rds of the world’s population has never seen this.  What?

A: Snow!

Winner: Margaret Soileau from Covington!


Q: More than half of employers are less likely to promote someone who does this in the office. What?

A: Uses Profanity

Winner: Jane Canella from Slidell!

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