Charles on the Lake01


Today we had Mayor Mike Cooper in. He spoke about upcoming events, some city business, and what he plans to get his wife for Christmas. (OK, we tried but he was mum on the gift.)






And Jessica Hester was here from the St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce. She promoted some upcoming chamber events, talked about a membership drive, and reminded everyone to vote. Find out more in the interview below.





Lake Loot


Q: Only 1 in 5 people do THIS before buying a house. You would think the number would be higher. What is it?

A: Meet the neighbors

Winner: Jeremiah Petrosky from Mandeville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Most painting students learn this list: the three primary colors of paint, the ones that can form any colors when mixed. What are they? 

A: Blue, Red, Yellow; but not blue, red, green – these are primary colors of light

Winner: Maryelle Migliore from Covington!


Q: THIS is the world’s most widely consumed meat. What is it?

A: Goat

Winner: Denise Carlos from Covington!


Q: The Superbowl weekend is the slowest weekend of the year for this…what?

A: Weddings!

Winner: Victoria Burr from Picayune!


Q: This is the most pleasurable body part to scratch! What is it?

A: Ankle!

Winner: Leslie Guy from Folsom!

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