Charles on the Lake01


Today we had Amy Fresh from the St Tammany Children’s Museum. She wanted to promoted Black and Gold Day, which is coming up December 1st. Go to their website to learn more or listen to the interview below.



fresh 1


Noble came in from Miracle League to update us on Radiothon. She said our first effort was very successful. She wanted to thank everyone for their help. Hear more about it in the interview below.






And Amy was here from STPG. She updated us on the holiday weekend and talked about some new road openings and more. Listen to her below.



amy b


Lake Loot


Q: 40% of cats have THIS trait. What is it?

A: Left Pawed

Winner: Micah Parker from Hammond


Q: What is the only state that has no indigenous poisonous animals within its borders?
A: Maine

Winner: Michelle Gibson from Covington!


Q: If a product has this on the package, 3 out of 5 people are more likely to buy it. What is it?

A: A picture of an animal!

Winner: Tina Petrich from Slidell!


Q: When we throw away unused food, potatoes and bread are tossed the most. What is the 3rd most thrown away food?

A: Apples!

Winner: Brendan Higgens from Mandeville!


Q: Half of singles say they have to do THIS prior to going on a date. What?

A: Googling their date

Winner: Karen Messenger from Mandeville!

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