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Today we welcomed in our friends from Habitat for Humanity St Tammany West. They have a lot going on right now and you can hear all about it in the interview below. They also brought in Shane from Doerr Furniture, who partners with Habitat. Thanks to all three for coming to see us.





Lake Loot


Q: About 1 in 4 Americans did this on New Year’s Eve – what was it?

A: Fall asleep before midnight!

Winner: Mike Ocman from Covington!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: In the movie “Frozen”, which animal does Olaf dance with in his song about summer?

A: Seagulls!

Winner: Augie Bailey from Mandeville!


Q: THIS is the number one food that Americans buy but never use it all.  What is it?

A: Bread!

Winner: Erin Heltz from Abita!


Q: 1 in 4 of us only do this a few times a year.  About 1 in 5 of us do it every day. What are we up to?

A: Weighing ourselves!

Winner: Jenny Schilling from Bay St Louis!


Q: Sleep experts say 15% of us do this when we dream. What is it?

A: We dream in black & white

Winner: Lauren Riecke from Covington!

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