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You mean Mardi Gras is over???

Today we had Rhonda in from the St Tammany West Chamber. She spoke about all the things they have going on and some of the advantages to being a member of their chamber. Hear her below.






We also caught up with Mayor Cooper from Covington. He spoke about Mardi Gras and updated us on some projects. Hear him below.







Lake Loot


Q:  This happens more often on a Tuesday than any other day of the week. What is it?

A:  Apply for a new job!!!

Winner: Christine Otillio from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Which letter begins more words in the English language than any other letter?
A: S

Winner: Peggy McElroy from Slidell!


Q: 1/4th of us now say this is our biggest fear. What is it?

A: Losing battery on their cell phone!!!

Winner: Mike Chadbourne from Abita!


Q:  If this were a city, it would be the 10th largest, population wise, in the United States.  What is it?

A: The Army!!!

Winner: Andrew Cargill from Pearl River!


Q:  The average American will see this animal every day of their life. What is it?

A:  A Cow…either in person, on TV, in print or online!!!

Winner: No winner!

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