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Fun day today with Amy from the City of Covington. We also spoke with a crew from Habitat.

Leighanne, Laura and Amy wanted to promote their Raffle House drawing. They also shared some info about Habitat and the Re Store. Hear them below.



habitat raffle



We also spoke with Amy Tucker from the City of Covington. They have a HUGE March planned with all kinds of great events. Hear about them in the interview below.






Lake Loot


Q: On the wall across from the Room of Requirement, there is a tapestry showing a wizard trying to teach trolls ballet. What’s his name?

A: Barnabus the Barmy

Winner: Courtney Callihan from Slidell!

7:10 Kids’ Loot

Q: What is Fred Weasley’s chosen code name on Potterwatch, the secretive radio program set up by the Order of the Phoenix?

A: Rapier

Winner: Christine Hooter from Mandeville!


Q: More than half of us have one in bed with us while we sleep. What?

A: A Remote Control!!!!

Winner: Julie Cox from Covington!


Q: If you are average you will do this 4 times today and undo it 4 times today. What is it?

A: Start your vehicle!!!

Winner: Dominique Martin from Covington!


Q: About 1 in 6 women say if they were to get a tattoo they would consider getting a tattoo of this. What?

A: Their pets name!!!

Winner: Jackie Welch from Covington!

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