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Thanks to Mayor Villere from Mandeville for his visit this morning. Mandeville is kicking off their Mandeville Live events at the Trailhead. We also talked about taxes and a new way to view property in the city. Hear him below.






We also got to chat with John Henry from the Kiwanis. He talked about their upcoming golf tournament in April and some of the special events they support. Hear his story and more about their organization in the interview below.





Lake Loot


Q: What is the name of the fictional eatery where the main characters spend much of their time?

A: Monks Café

Winner: Amy Laborde from Lacombe!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: These popular toys, fictional animals, were named after artists – give their collective name, as well as individual names.

A: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael


Q: Jerry gets in trouble for making out with his girlfriend, Rachel, during which movie?

A: Schindler’s List

Winner: Logan Desoto from Lacombe!


Q: What food makes Jerry throw up for the first time in more than a decade?

A: A black and white cookie

Winner: DJ Lefevre from Mandeville!


Q: Elaine travels abroad to get her boss, Mr. Peterman, to approve an expense. Where does she find him?

A: Burma

Winner: Tariq Qadir from Mandeville!


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