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Ronnie Kole was clowning around with us today. He was here promoting Jazz on the Bayou. They have been raising money for local non-profits through that event for more than twenty-five years. Hear what he had to say in the interview below.






Don and Robin were back from Slidell Jazz and Blues Fest. This event raises funds to help local students get involved with music. Find out what they are about, and hear about this year’s lineup, in the interview below.





And Chief Lentz was in from Covington to talk about upcoming events, keeping kids safe in school, and more. Hear him in the interview below.




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Lake Loot


Q: The most common time for THIS to occur is between 5:00 & 6:00 PM on a Friday. What is it?

A: Road Rage

Winner: No winner

7:10 Kids Only Loot

Q: There are 8 people on the winning team, and each person shakes hands with each other person once. How many handshakes take place?

A: 28

Winner: May Taylor from Madisonville!


Q: The average person complains about this four times a week. What is it?

A: Their relationship

Winner: Leanne McGuire from Bush!


Q: Almost half of married women agree that they hate when their husbands forget to do this task. What is it?

A: Take out the trash

Winner: Theresa Barber from Mandeville!


Q: Women are ditching these, with sales dropping 12% last year. What is it?

A: High heels

Winner: Julie Bolyard from Mandeville!




One thought on “Lake Rewind: March 13, 2018

  1. Do you have a link to the Northshore Foundation that I can share with the Fontainebleau band director to apply for the grant for band instruments that was announced in the morning on the 13th and is due by the 15th?


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