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Today, we started with the St Tammany West Chamber. Lacy, Tom and Ashley talked about the upcoming tax vote, and the crawfish boil the chamber is hosting next month. Find out more in the interview below.





We also spoke with four ladies who are trying to help the firefighters in Bogalusa. They have a Craft Fair coming up soon. Find out more about what they are up to in the interview below.





And Mayor Cooper was here from Covington. He talked about upcoming events and the importance of voting. Hear him below.




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Lake Loot


Q: Just under half of women admit they have done THIS when their partner wasn’t looking. What is it?

A: Turn up the heat

Winner: Madison Gray from Madisonville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Which organ in the human body is the most commonly transplanted from one human to another?

A: Kidney

Winner: Ellen Davis from Madisonville!


Q: Last year this happened at almost 1 in 10 weddings. What?

A: A pet was involved in some way

Winner: Caitlyn Moree from Slidell!


Q: When it comes to losing things, men are 3 times more likely than women to lose THIS. What is it?

A: Their hearing!

Winner: Victoria Colgan from Slidell!


Q: What is the #1 product advertised on radio?

A: Automobiles

Winner: Michael Parker from Bay St Louis!

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