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Thanks to our guests today. We started with Joel from the Rotary Club of Covington. He was here to talk about Quack-A-Falaya. Hear all about it in the interview below.





Lacey stopped in from the St Tammany West Chamber. She wanted to remind everyone to vote this weekend. Hear what she said in the interview below.




vote chamber



And Cliff Was here from A Taste of Covington. Hear what he said about this year’s event in the interview below.



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Lake Loot


Q: 4 out of 5 people say hearing this makes them cringe every time… What is it?

A: The sound of their own voice

Winner: No Winner!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Kids agree that dad is the better choice than mom when it comes to teaching them this… What is it?

A: Riding a bike

Winner: Antonio Eversgerd from Mandeville!


Q: Almost half of us admit we always search a restaurant menu for this… What is it?

A: Spelling errors

Winner: Toni Trosclair from Mandeville


What are the three most common animal livestock on U.S. farms?

A: CHICKENS 400 million // CATTLE 110 million // SWINE pigs/hogs

Winner: Rebecca Estain from Lacombe!


Q: Although they look sober and reliable, they hold a valid airline ticket, and don’t look threatening, what category of people may be denied an airline seat?

A: Pregnant women

Winner: Liz Perry from Slidell!

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