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Mandeville High’s robotics team stopped in this morning as they get ready for World’s. Find out more about this highly successful team and what you can do to help them in the interview below.







And Susie came by from the St Tammany Humane Society. They have Woof-Stock this weekend. If you own a dog, want to own one, or MIGHT want to have a dog, this is the event for you!






Lake Loot


Q: Just shy of half of all men don’t know this about their significant other, but they should. What?

A: Their favorite flower!

Winner: Bonnie Lucio from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: I’ll give you the old name, you give the modern name for each of these countries: a. British Honduras….. Burma

A: Belize, Myanmar

Winner: Mike Fleming from Slidell!


Q: THIS is the #1 thing women worry about on a first date. What?

A: Running in to an EX

Winner: Penny Finch from Indy!


Q: About 1 in 10 cars in the U.S. have this in common. What?

A: The “check engine” light is on!

Winner: Lakeland Lenormand from Covington!


Q: The top 3 WORST places to use your cell phone are:
#1 driving #2 church #3 _________ what’s #3???

A: Checkout line

Winner: Jennifer Cole from Madisonville!

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