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Melissa came in from STPH to talk about some different events they have going on and some things coming up. You can hear what she said in the interview below.




STPH pic



We also got to chat with Nicole and Dennis from the Bergeron family. We talked about their car dealerships and also spoke about working in a family business. You can hear them in the interview below.






And we had an impromptu conversation with Maury about a benefit event for Camp Tiger.  She is an SSA grad and in Med School at LSU. Get your tickets here.  Find out more in the interview below.




camp tiger



Lake Loot


Q: You will eat THIS in just over 6 bites. What?

A: A hot dog

Winner: John Ellsworth from Covington!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: The average person eats FIVE of these EVERY WEEK! What???

A: Eggs

Winner: Kristy Oser from Madisonville!


Q: When asked to use ONE WORD to describe their significant other the #1 response was STUBBORN!!!! What was #2?

A: Sweet

Winner: Ryan Murphy from Slidell!


Q: The average one of THESE costs 4 times as much as it did 25-years ago but it’s only HALF AS BIG! What?

A: Bikini

Winner: John Price from Mandeville!


Q: THIS is supposedly the NUMBER ONE REASON women get mad at men. What is it?


Winner: Sarah Rutledge from Covington!

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