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Today we had Leslie and Vanessa in from Northlake Academy of Music to talk about Music with a Mission. This fun event is a week away! Get your tickets now and find out more in the interview below.






Lake Loot


Q: The top 3 most popular comfort foods in any order are ….

A: Pizza, Burgers, Fried Chicken

Winner: No winner!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: 1 in 3 people call this fake news when they see it on TV or hear it on the radio. What?

A: the weather forecast

Winner: Tonya Magee from Franklinton!


Q: 1/4th of Americans have never tried this pretty common food. What is it?

A: Cabbage!

Winner: Tammy Gray from Hammond!


Q: The average person does what about five times a year?

A: Fall down!

Winner: Kayleigh Tutt from NOLA!


Q: 1 in 5 marriages end in divorce supposedly due to THIS. What?

A: Video games!

Winner: Christine Stanley from Madisonville!

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