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Today we had Cliff Bergeron in for a Taste of Covington. The events start tomorrow night and there are a few tickets left for most of them. Find out more in the interview below.






Richard Bentley Smith was here from Coquille Park. They have a ton of stuff going on, including a ribbon cutting for their new playground. Find out more in the interview below.








Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 3 adults say they regret not doing this when they were younger. What is it?

A: Travel abroad

Winner: Joe Spencer from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Which 2 types of rather small creatures are primarily responsible for having spread the bubonic plague that killed millions of people in Europe and Asia in the 14th century?

A: Rats and fleas

Winner: Caelyn Hirstius from Slidell!


Q: Married couples are three times more likely to argue about this on Mondays, compared to any other day of the week. What is it?

A: The kids

Winner: Charlotte Moore from Slidell!


Q: What is the measure of the angle in degrees formed by the line with equation y = 2x and the positive x-axis?

A: The slope is 2, so the tangent of the angle is also 2, so the angle is about 63 degrees

Winner: Megan Scarlotto from Bush!


Q: In England the Tees, The Trent, The Taw, and the Tamar are all …. what?

A: Rivers

Winner: Bob Eason from Covington!

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