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Today we got to meet Mark Lorando from The Times-Picayune. We spoke a little bit about the state of the news industry and he talked about why he supports the St. Tammany West Chamber. Lacey was here from the STWC to talk about Leadercast. And our buddy Jen from Habitat shared her experiences as a chamber board member. Hear them below.




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Mayor Mike Cooper of the City of Covington was also in today. He spoke about local events coming up in April and he told us about some job openings within city government. Hear him below.





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Lake Loot


Q:  The oldest functioning one of these is about 1300 years old.  What is it?

A:  Hotel!!!

Winner: Brian Carbo from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: A city is in the shape of a rectangle, three times as long as it is wide. If a diagonal distance through the city is one kilometer, what’s the area of this city, to the nearest square meter?

A: 333,333 square meters

Winner: Cody Griffin from Hammond!


Q:  The average person will do this more than 20 times today. What is it?

A:  Listen to 20 or more songs!!!

Winner: Maggie Kelly from Mandeville!


Q: What are the nicknames of each of these college football teams? a. Notre Dame b. Penn State c. Florida State d. Purdue e. Georgetown


Winner: Jenna Patterson from Mandeville!


Q: About 5% of men carry one of these. What?

A: Money clip!

Winner: Sheila Morel from Slidell!

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