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Today we got to meet our Bunny Ears winner, Sophie Gammon. Virginia and little sister Margie were also here. Hear what they said below and thanks to our sponsors: Blossom Girl, Finnans Pharmacy, and Honeybaked Ham.





Dugas Pest Control sent Daniel over to talk about swarming season and when you need to take steps to protect your property. You can hear him in the interview below.








We spoke with David and Billie Jo about this weekend’s Strawberry Festival. Hear all about it in the interview below.






And STPH sent Amanda and Robin in to talk about their Community Wellness Clinic and explain all the different things they have going on. Hear them below.








Q: THIS is the #1 lie parents hear from their kids. What?


Winner: Kathy Cochran from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: These animals have been known to travel as far as 900 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the mountains of Idaho, climbing nearly 7,000 feet, once in their lifetime. What animals are they?

A: Salmon

Winner: Matthew Meyer from Madisonville!


Q: Now only 1 in 6 teenagers owns one of these. That number used to be much higher. What is it?

A. Watch

Winner: Cicely Conn from Folsom!


Q: Experts say THIS should be washed every two days, but it rarely is. What?

A: Pillowcase

Winner: Rowan Lawshe from Pearl River!


Q: 1 in 3 Americans will consume this at the same point tonight. What is it?

A: Juice

Winner: Ginger Holder from Slidell!

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