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Today we had a group in from Lacombe to talk about their Earth Day event. It is Sunday the 22nd from noon until 4. Find out more in the interview below.



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We also spoke with Debbie Boyle about the upcoming Relay for Life in Bogalusa. Find out more about it in the interview below.




relay bogan


Lake Loot


Q: When women were asked what they wished they could make the way Mom used to, this was their number one answer. What?

A: Gravy

Winner: Delos Thompson from Abita!

7:10 Kid’s Loot

Q: Name the sport that has 4 letters, is played all over the world, and begins with a T(ee)?

A: Golf!

Winner: Torrie Mayeaux from Lacombe!


Q: Roughly 1 in 3 of us will wear this at least three times before washing it. What is it?

A: Gym clothes

Winner: Chantell Boe from Slidell!


Q: 9 in 10 of us have this in our homes, but only about 4 in 10 of us ever us it.  What?

A: Dental floss!

Winner: Jaime McGraw from Covington!


Q: A study on distracted driving said using mobile phone while driving tied grooming for reasons we are distracted. What is next on the list?

A: Eating while driving

Winner: Emily Brecher from Ponchy!

One thought on “Lake Rewind: April 16, 2018

  1. There was a song that your station played and I would like the name of the song. It was played around 7:00pm and the song that followed it was Ride with me by Florida Georgia Line. Do you have place to see the songs that have been played? Thanks Erin…


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