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This morning we were visited by Amy from St Tammany Parish Government. She wanted to promote a lot of things, including their Household Hazardous Waste Day, which is June 23rd. Find out more in the interview below.







Miranda stopped by to talk about Camp Bearable for Hospice Foundation of the South. This camp is designed for children who have lost a loved one. Find out more in the interview below.






And Kim and Sarah came in from the St Tammany Art Association. They have two events this weekend. Find out what they are in the interview below.



seer secker





Q: On average, these seem to hang around in our lives for about three months. What?

A: Toothbrushes!

Winner: Mandi Spadoni from Lacombe!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Chance are, you’ll eat 35,000 of THESE in your lifetime. What?

A: Cookies!

Winner: Sal Mortillaro from Mandeville!


Q:  The very first webcam was set up at the University of Cambridge in England in 1991.  What was the webcam looking at?

A: A pot of coffee.

Winner: Shane Talley from Covington!


Q: James Earl Jones was the first guest star on Sesame Street –  what did he do on the show?

A: James Earl Jones recited the alphabet as the first guest star on Sesame Street.

Winner: Jonah Miller from Ponchy!


Q: If asked to describe their house about 1 in 12 of us would use this word. What is the word?

A: Haunted

Winner: Annie Schara from Pearl River!

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