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Today we had Amy and Sara in from the Children’s Museum of St Tammany. Their “Celebration” is this weekend. Find out more about it in the interview below.



childs museum



We also got to visit with Nick and Stacy from NAMI. They updated us on their recent events and talked about some of the things in the near future. Hear them below.



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Lake Loot

6:40 AND 7:10

Q: People were asked what items they tend to misplace the most. Keys came in at #1. What was the #4 most misplaced item?

A: An umbrella!

Winner: Ginger Kendrick from Slidell!


Q: People were asked about clothes they hate. #1 on the list…Speedos…

What was #2 and #3?

A: Leather pants and Crocs

Winner: Tami Gray from Hammond!


Q: 7 in 10 kids say they don’t recognize this item from classrooms 20 years ago. What?

A: Overhead projector!

Winner: Scott Meyer from Covington!


Q: The average person will spend 80 minutes doing this today. What?

A: Eating!

Winner: Amanda Travis from Slidell!



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