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Today we had Ronnie Simpson from STPG and Trevor Manuel from Crossfit Francos.

Ronnie reminded everyone that today is the start of hurricane season. He also wanted to speak about last week’s accident on I-12 and what steps parish government is taking to try to help. Find out more below.





We also visited with Trevor about the new, expanded facilities for Cross Fit with Francos. They have a special rate right now so it is the perfect time to join. Hear him below.





Lake Loot


Q: If this is going to happen to you at work, it’s most likely to occur on a Monday and least likely on a Friday…

A: Get injured

Winner: Mary Wagner from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Almost 15-tons of THIS is released into ocean waters across the world every year… What?

A: Sunscreen

Winner: Britney Demare from Covington!


Q: Americans go thru more than 250-billion of these every year… What?

A: Tissues

Winner: Colleen Therioult from Metairie!


Q: Many people do this every day, even though mental health experts say it can trigger depression, anger, and sadness…  What is it?

A: Watch the news

Winner: James Woodfin from Slidell!


Q: Hard to believe but New Yorkers are responsible for 11 percent of the worldwide tweets about this summertime topic — more than any other place on earth. What is it?

A: Mosquitoes.

Winner: Kim Lara from Lacombe!

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