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Today we had a group of students in from CLAPS. Gary has been busy lining up a whole June of great performances. Find out more in the interview below.



claps pic




We also caught up with Mayor Mike Cooper from Covington. He updated us on a lot of events coming up and spoke about some local projects. Hear him below.



2nd city



Lake Loot


Q: Just under 500 hours, that’s how long it will take you on average to accomplish this.  What is it?

A: Learn a new language.

Winner: Elizabeth Motichek from Ponchy!


Q: When it comes to using THIS, Canada ranks 2nd in the world, only trailing the U.S. What is it?

A: Water consumption per capita.

Winner: Simini Prevost from Covington!


Q: 3 out of 5 people would find it challenging to have a 10 minute conversation without doing this. What is it?

A: Lying

Winner: No Winner!


Q: According to research, this is better at dawn and dusk and worse at 2pm.  What is it? A: Eyesight

Winner: Kelly Brandt from Slidell!


Q: According to research, we are doing THIS 15 minutes more per day than we did15 years ago.

A: Sleep.

Winner: Diane Duet from Madisonville!

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