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Michael Sanchez works for STPH as a nurse in cardiac rehab. We spoke with him about recovery from cardiac events and more. Hear him below.







We also visited with Marylou Cessna, who came to see us for her first time to talk about Aneurysm Outreach. They have a free screening coming up this weekend. Find out more in the interview below.




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Lake Loot


Q: 75% of women admit they have asked a stranger this random question. What is the question?

A: Where did you get those shoes?

Winner: Bruce Johnson from Covington!


Q: How many of the whole numbers from 1 to 100 are either divisible by 7 or include a 7 in their digits?

A: 30

Winner: Sarah Senn from Mandeville!


Q: Now THIS is reported to be the most common place to misplace your cell phone. Where?

A: The grocery store

Winner: Kaitlyn Moree from Slidell!


Q: Who is the only president to have survived two assassination attempts by women?

A: Gerald Ford

Winner: Courtney Savoie from Lacombe!


Q: The average person does this 5 times a day.

A: Frown

Winner: Dawn Pezant from Covington!

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