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We started today’s local interviews with Don Shea, the new head of the East St Tammany Chamber of Commerce. He talked about his vision for moving that group forward. We also talked about some upcoming events.


east st tamm

We also spoke with Rene from the Slidell Heritage Festival. They have another big year planned so get out there this weekend with them and have some fun! Hear all about it below.





And we got to meet Jordan Johnson from Recreation District 4 in Lacombe. They have a bunch of things coming up this summer and you can hear all about them, and some Pickle Ball trash talking, in the interview below.




Lake Loot


Q: Kids who watch social media influencers on YouTube get about 1/4th more of these in a day than kids who don’t. What is it?

A: Calories

Winner: Jamie Murphy from Picayune!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: About 1 in 3 American homes now have one of these. What?

A: A garden!

Winner: Scheree Sheeps from Slidell!


Q: There are now 1.5 million of these happening every week. What?

A: Dates that were made on a dating app

Winner: Jessie Mitchell from Slidell!


Q: 13 days, that’s how long it takes the majority of parents to get stressed out by this. What?

A: Their kids’ summer vacation

Winner: Sarah Rutledge from Covington!


Q: Women voted this #1 when asked to list the worst household chore. What is it?

A: Cleaning the bathroom!

Winner: Don Shea from Slidell!

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