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Today we had David Horchar and Sister Teresa Daly in to talk about Family Promise and some new moves that non-profit has made. You can hear what they had to say in the interview below.







Nick Richard was here from NAMI. They had a ribbon cutting at their new facility recently and Nick also spoke about a national award a local NS judge will receive this weekend. Hear more in the interview below.




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Lake Loot


Q: Almost 1 in 4 women say men who have too much of THIS are unattractive. What is it?

A: Muscle

Winner: Cheri Lenormand from Covington!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: 1 in 4 drivers now use this every day. What is it?

A: A dash camera!!!

Winner: Darlene Chambers from Slidell!


Q: 850 million Americans will visit one of these this year. What?

A: A Museum!!!

Winner: Emily Wheat from Slidell!


Q: A new survey says you should never use more than 3 of these at once. What?

A: Emojis!!!

Winners: Marissa St Pe from Mandeville!


Q: More than half of people who are watching Netflix are also doing this. What is it?

A: Drink Wine!!

Winner: Victoria Colgan from Slidell!

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