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Yesterday we got a happy surprise by our friends at United Way of Southeast Louisiana. They invited our company, Northshore Media, to their Annual Meeting in NOLA. During that lunch we learned that our small, family-owned media company had been named their Media Partner of the Year. This award is shared by the Lake 94.7, Highway 104.7, Kajun 107.1, Tangi 96.5, EDGE of the Lake Magazine, and Tangi Lifestyles. It is our responsibility to help local nonprofits make this a better place to live, so we talk about them a lot. But, it felt great when United Way turned the spotlight around and pointed it at us for a second. We look forward to continuing to promote the works of United Way and everyone else who who is making the Northshore a great place to live!




This morning we talked with Amanda and Jenny from STPH. Jenny is a specialized physical therapist who deals with all kinds of issues around our core. You can hear what she had to say in the interview below.



stph pic


We also talked hotdogs with Rob from Rob’s Rockin’ Dogs about his 2018 Hot Dog Eating Challenge. It is coming up July 3rd at Bogue Falaya Park from 6 till 8 pm. Register on their website here.




robs pic



Lake Loot


Q: What do you buy TOO much of at the grocery? This topped the list of things we say we buy too much of at the grocery. What?

A: Cheese!

Winner: No Winner!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: This happens 75 times every second in the U.S. What is it?

A: A hamburger is eaten!

Winner: Bobby Newberry from Folsom!


Q: What is the only place under United States jurisdiction that drives on the left instead of the right side of the road?

A: U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John) is the only left-hand jurisdiction in United States

Winner: Melissa Gourges from Mandeville!


Q: What is the iconic Kellogg’s Corn Flakes rooster named?

A: Cornelius! (Get it? CORNelius?? He’s “Corny” for short, and boy is it ever…)

Winner: Jerrod Gresham from Slidell!


Q: _____________ is now making edible toys. Who is it?

A: Jell-O

Winner: Nicole Dupuy from Slidell!


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