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Lincoln from Pontchartrain Vineyards came by the Lake studios this morning to talk about this weekend’s Jazz in the Vines.  Get your tickets here. Hear what Lincoln said below.




ponchy vineyards



Lake Loot


Q: Americans spend about 75 Billion a year on THIS. What is it?

A: More than movie, Concert Tickets, and Video Games Combined…. A. Lotto Tickets!

Winner: Bob Eason from Covington!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: This is one thing your fire department will NOT rescue. What?

A: Your Drone

Winner: No Winner!


Q: Wedding DJ’s are more likely to witness this than anyone else. What is it?

A: Fights

Winner: Janis Maillet from Slidell!


Q: The first one cost 20K. Now you can get one for as little as $5. Odds are you will use one today. What is it?

A: Computer Mouse

Winner: Melissa Dworak from Covington!


Q: This was first covered by reporters in 1933. What is it?

The Lochness Monster

Winner: Kim Bergeron from Slidell!

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