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Our guest this morning was Lacy from the St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce. She spoke about last night’s Pop Up event for their Northshore Young Professionals. You can hear what else she said in the interview below.




southern nights


And we shared a great meal with our friends at Cafe Lynn. This is the special that had us talking….





Our online contest yesterday invited folks to send in a pic from where they were RIGHT THEN…. Honorable mention to these two, who were in London!


runner up


But the winner was Sara, who got extra credit for honesty… Her pic was…



Sara Nuessly


In the bathroom hiding from the kids!!! šŸ¤«


Lake Loot


Q: Name three of the top five U. S. states for maple syrup production.

A: New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Wisconsin

Winner: Rocky Bermudez from Mandeville!


Q: Officer Edgar Mallory and Jake the Jailbird can be found here. Where?

A: On a Monopoly board (Edgar is the cop throwing Jake in jail)

Winner: Jacob Coleman from Slidell!


Q: THIS is the biggest complaint of hotel guests?

A: Noisy neighbors

Winner: Ashley Miller from Folsom!


Q: Name four of the top 5 most-watched TV series finales of all time.

A: M*A*S*H, Friends, Seinfeld, The FugitiveĀ andĀ Cheers

Winner: Carra Sinclair from Covington!


Q: Studies suggest that doing this as soon as you get home from work could help you lose weight. What?

A: Taking off your shoes

Winner: Justin Trammel and Jessica Timmerman from Mandeville!

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