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Yesterday’s winner of our “Raid Your Camera Roll” question was Diane, for this great pic with her pup!





Today we had Kathy Lowrey from the Northshore Harbor Center in the studio to talk about their Family Fun Day, which is coming up this Saturday. Find out more in the interview below.




harbor pic



We also interviewed Alex from the City of Slidell, and his guest John Paul Duet. John Paul is being recognized by the Slidell Art League and you can see his work at a special event this Friday night. Find out all the details in the interview below.








Q: About half of all US couples routinely argue about THIS in the car… What is it?

A: Where to park

Winner: Logan Sharp from Covington!


Q: Experts think this first occurred in a Massachusetts school in 1887. What is it?

A: Letter grades were used for the first time

Winner: No Winner!


Q: The average American adult does this about 85 times a year. What is it?

A: Sees their parents

Winner: Martin Mitchell from Covington!


A 1 in 4 elementary school children will argue with their parents at least once a week about THIS, What?

A: Lunch

Winner: Stacy Chreene from Mandeville!


Q: It might never occur to you to think about it, but THIS can actually be tax deductible. What is it?

A: Ransom

Winner: Deidre Washington from Ponchy!

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