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Our winning pic for our Raid Your Camera Roll Contest… we were looking for something COLD to help with the summer heat and Hilarie’s pic was perfect.


Hilarie Lognion


Amanda and Melanie came in to talk about nothing. Really. Well, they were here to talk about a new event called The Gala, Step into the Ring. It will be a benefit for the St Tammany Cancer Center. It is October 4th at the Southern Hotel and the rest of the info about it is TOP SECRET! You can listen to the interview but you will find out nothing!




gala pic


We also had in some talented actors from Cutting Edge Theater. Their production of Hair begins soon. Find out when to see it and where to get your tickets in the interview below.




hair photo




Q: The average bag of chips is 43% air. What brand of chips has the best chip-to-air ratio?

A: Fritos

Winner: Amber Lopez from Ponchy!


Q: If you think about the days of the week and the months of the year, which one is the hardest for Americans to remember how to spell?

A: February

Winner: Stephanie Laverne from Covington!


Q: It was reported that wedding guest, Serena Williams dominated at this fun activity during Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding reception.  Some are attributing her wins to wearing sneakers under her gown.

A: Beer Pong

Winner: Daphne Hojem from Slidell!


Q: The average young woman visits 7 stores before buying this. What is it?

A:  prom dress

Winner: Brian Darr from Covington!


Q: This famous shoe from a movie sold for over $90,000. It was just the left shoe… What movie was it in?

A: Self tying shoe from Back to the Future 2

Winner: Kelly Wheat from Slidell!

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