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Our winner from yesterday’s Pouting Pics off your phone camera rolls. Here it is…..


brent high winner


And we have to share these two. They were so cute!



Today we talked to Jeff Charleston, Head Coach at Ochsner Performance Training. Of course we know this guy from his time with the Saints. And he’s got some other things going on. But today was about his work in this beautiful facility. Learn what they can do for you or your team in the interview below.






Up next we spoke with Jordan, Gerrin and Randy about all the different events they have going on at the Rec District in Lacombe, including a Back to School Bash tomorrow. Find out more in the interview below.



lacombe pic


And we also spoke with Jacob and Joey regarding the 8th Annual Ultimate Tailgate, coming up August 25th. This year the event is being moved to the Covington Trailhead so they room for even more people. Get your tickets online HERE. Check out their interview below.




ultimate pic



Lake Loot


Q: Since the year 2000, the average age of people who enjoy this activity has gotten 10 years younger.  What is it?

A: Going on a cruise

Winner: Jonathan Mills from Hammond!


Q: We have them around here but Orlando, Florida has more of these per capita than any other city in America. What?

A: Food trucks

Winner: No winner!


Q: New Mexico is the cheapest place in America to do this, with New York being the most expensive. What is it?

A: Get Married (The average NYC wedding costs about $72,000, while tying the knot in New Mexico will run about $17,500.)

Winner: Alan Thriffiley from Mandeville!


Q: When we gain weight almost half of us blame THIS. What?

A: Our job

Winner: Tiffany McGary-Cyprian from Covington!


Q: In China, it’s illegal to use this in an advertisement. What is it?

A: A pun

Winner: Rebecca Corcoran from Bay St Louis!

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